Animal Park of Saint-Michel

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The 18 hectares wide park is specialized in pets and exotic birds.
In large enclosures you can see rare animals from everywhere in the world and also some animals that are belonging to disappearing species.

The park presents many animals, such as:
- Cattle: Tibetan Yaks, Highlanders Cows from Scotland, Watussi Cows (or Jnyambo) from Rwanda , Asian Dwarf Zebu, miniature African Cows from Dahomey , Water Buffalo (Asian buffalo),
- Camels: North African Camels, Lamas from Peru,
- Numerous birds such as parrots and pheasants,
- Wolfhounds of Saarloos,
- Many species of goats, sheeps, rabbits and pigs,
- Horses, such as Shetland ponies, Type B Welsh ponies, Palomino horses, Arabian horses and donkeys.

The Fairytale Forest is a forest where the houses were built refering to children's stories.
You will meet magical and wacky dwarves, all carved from tree roots.

Several fun places are located in the park, such as:
- The Indian Village,
- Forest of traces, where you learn to recognize animals by their footprints in the ground and to recognize the species of trees,
- The Pleurotgarden, where you will visit a culture center of mushrooms on wood,
- The Ornithology Point, where, from a unique perspective, you can try to spot birds in freedom and recognize them.

09100 Saint-Michel

Saint-Michel is located near Pamiers in the Ariege.

From Toulouse (at 82.7 km and approximately at 1 hour): Take the highway of « The Two Seas » (A61) towards Montpellier, then take the highway junction to Andorra / Spain / Pamiers / Foix (A66). Exit at Pamiers then take the direction to the Leze Valley (D119).
Just before Escosse, turn right to the D625. Arrived at Escousse, take the small road on your left towards Saint-Michel. Cross the village and continue on a hundred meters.

From Carcassonne (at 92 km and approximately at 1 hour and a half): Take the highway of « The Two Seas » (A61) towards Toulouse, exit at Bram. Take the direction of the Mirepoix (D4/D118). At Mirepoix, take the direction of Pamiers (D119) then to the Leze Valley (still D119).
Just before Escosse, turn right (D625). Arrived at Escousse take the small road on your left towards Saint-Michel. Cross the village and continue on a hundred meters.

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The park is open according to the schedule obtained by clicking here.

Disclaimer : The management team of the destination has the possibility to change the opening days and hours without prior communication.

The wildlife park is crossed by a gravel path that brings you to forests and fields.
The shaded picnic area is completed by a bar.

Dogs on leash are allowed.

The pumpkin festival is celebrated every Halloween for a few days.

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