Champs Elysees - The World of the Cars

      Ile de France

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Most major brands are shown on or close to the most beautiful avenue in the world.
All brands display their models and some of them have put in place exceptionnal show rooms where displayed cars change regularly: it would be a shame to miss such an opportunity!
The present brands are:
- Ferrari Official Merchandise and Accessories (Opera area)
- Aston Martin Auto Performance (franchise)
- C chic Citroen (exhibition hall visitable)
- L'atelier Renault (exhibition hall visitable)
- Le Rendez-Vous Toyota (exhibition hall visitable)
- Mercedes-Benz (exhibition hall visitable)
- Peugeot (exhibition hall visitable)
- Ferrari Neubauer Distributeurr Concessionnaire (multi-brand dealership:
BMW, Rolls-Royce, Maserati, Mini, Ferrari, Lotus)
- Lexus Etoile (franchise)
- Lamborghini (franchise)
- Saab
- PSA Peugeot Citroen (franchise)

Place Charles de Gaulle, 75008 Paris

The addresses are, from the Place de la Concorde direction to La Defense:
- Ferrari Official Merchandise and Accessories, 36 Avenue de l'Opera, Paris 2nd
- Aston Martin Auto Performance, 23 Avenue Franklin Roosevelt
- C Chic Citroen, 42 Avenue des Champs Elysees
- L'atelier Renault, 53 Avenue des Champs Elysees
- The rendez-vous Toyota, 79 Avenue des Champs Elysees
- Mercedes-Benz, 118 Avenue Champs Elysees
- Peugeot, 136 Avenue des Champs Elysees
- Ferrari Dealer Distributor Neubauer, 37 Rue Molitor, Paris 16th
- Lexus Etoile, 4 Avenue de la Grande Armee
- Lamborghini, 5 Avenue de la Grande Armee
- Saab, 40 Avenue de la Grande Armee
- PSA Peugeot Citroen, 75 Avenue de la Grande Armee

Arc de Triomphe : N 48°52'25'', E 02°17'42''

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During a walk along the Champs Elysees, the fanatics about cars will not miss their favorite brand!
A good afternoon is necessary to cover all places of this page.

Disclaimer : The management team of the destination has the possibility to change the opening days and hours without prior communication.

Some sports cars places are purely commercial stores but you will have the opportunity to admire the cars displayed in the window.
The exciting interest is that the displayed models, prototypes & themes present in the exhibition halls are regularly renewed, as well as the simulator of formula 1 upstairs the Toyota hall or the prototypes presented at Renault, Peugeot and Toyota and that makes the Champs Elysees even more attractive!
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