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Suitable for individuals and school groups, the Ecological Garden and Animal Health Forever offers educational workshops to raise awareness of sustainable development in a 5000 m² wide area.

In this place of discovery and exchanges where we learn to love our environment and to respect it, you can:
- Cultivate a vegetable garden,
- Create a herb garden ,
- Observe the aquatic fauna and flora in a pond ,
- Imagine artistic landscapes,
- Feed and protect species that surround us,
- Take conscience of the existing energy sources...

31 educational workshops are organized.
They are divided into five themes , all specifically adapted for different school grade levels :
- Become a tomorrow’s citizen,
- Energies,
- The observation of the living world,
- Efferv'sens : discovery of the sensory world,
- Ecosystems.

The attached pdf file details you the workshops for the different school grades.

By clicking here, you can see the plan of the garden and view animations and workshops that are set-up.

Chemin de La Carraire
La Cibonne
83220 Le Pradet

Pradet is at 57km away from Marseilles, at 13km away from Hyères and at 8km away from Toulon.
It is located between La Garde and Carqueiranne.

From Toulon, take the A57, exit 2 towards La Palasse, Toulon-est, Le Pradet, Carqueiranne.
Cross La Garde to reach Le Pradet .

A Le Pradet , from the roundabout located at the intersection of the Boulevard de Lattre de Tassigny and Ganzin Avenue, take to the wine route.
Then, take to the South the road of Dr. Coulet then the Chemin de la Cibonne untill the end and turn left towards "Clos Cibonne" via Le Chemin de la Carraire.

N 43°06'23'', E 06°01'26''

Click here to see the route (on a new tab)

Plan between 2 hours and a half a day.
You can picnic on the site.
Children are under the responsibility of their teachers throughout their visit to the Wildlife Garden.

Disclaimer : The management team of the destination has the possibility to change the opening days and hours without prior communication.

The Ecological Garden and Animal Health Forever is run by an association of education for sustainable development and its main objectives are:
- Education to the environment to give the will of preserving it,
- Promote awareness of environmental issues to empower today’s and tomorrow’s actors,
- Raise awareness of inequalities and support the players for a fair world,
- Promote the eco-citizen consciousness,
- Raise awareness of sustainable development issues and of policies implemented to address them.

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