Natural History Museum - Diorama
The Butterfly Tower

      Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur
     Geology, Natural Sciences
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The Natural History MuseumDiorama and the Butterfly Tower will impress you thanks to:
- Its rich collection of butterflies, beetles and other insects,
- Its Numerous stuffed animals,
- Its collection of rocs, minerals, fossils and shells.

You will start de visit with the room dedicated to the regional geology.

You will continue in the next floor with the collection of butterflies: multicolors, of all sizes, their differences will amaze you.

You will cross in a stair angle a huge asian hornets nest and will end your visit of this building in the next floor in front of the showcases of stick insects and other ones crawling and flying.

Next, back in the courtyard of the castle, you will see in s second building the collection of the stuffed animals, from the field mouse to the wolf, from the dove to the eagle.
You will be impressed per the diversity of the regional fauna.

171 montee du chateau
06690 Tourrette-Levens

Tourrette-Levens is at less than 15 kilometers in the North of Nice.
From Nice, take the M19 road towards the North.
Cross Saint-Andre-de-la-Roche Then Les Moulins before to reach the pretty little town in the mountains.
The museum is located in the castle at the top of the old city, via a pedestrian street.

The museum is located at a few hundred meters away from the ones of Prehistory and Traditional Crafts.

N 43°47'15'' E 07°16'36''

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The museum is open everyday from Tuesday to Sunday, from 2pm to 5:30pm.

Disclaimer : The management team of the destination has the possibility to change the opening days and hours without prior communication.

The distribution of collections between the two buildings is very well done. The setting is beautiful and you can enjoy to overlook the small town of Tourrette-Levens and the surrounding landscape.

Quite by chance, if you pay attention to some hills while you are on the way up towards the natural history museum, you will see a litle bit far away the geological strata in a particularly visible manner; the concept of geological vein literally jump you to the eyes. May initially believe that these lines are drawn by man, you can actually make out quickly that these are rock veins and are much clearer than the hills. By extension, why mining industries follow the "seams" will become obvious. This is literally a natural cut open and at the real scale. This is not very common.
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