Prehistory Museum of Tourrette-Levens

      Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur

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Ideally located in the flint road in the hinterland of Nice, Tourrette-Levens houses several museums including this one about Prehistory.
Several rooms show at first the evolution of Humanity, from Toumai skull until the modern man's.
You will understand how and why brain's man has evolved until its current stage, and to what it can become.

Tools, weapons, jewelry and artistic representations of prehistoric man are presented.
You will see, among many other objects, decorated thrusters (weapons of the time of Cro-Magnon). Like many thousand years later some heads of bronze swords were ornate, some handles of Caveman weapons used to shoot arrows have the shape of animals, ...

At last, a master piece of the museum is an beautiful representation of a wall of the Chauvet cave. The frescoes show lions, woolly rhinoceros and a baby mammoth, aside other animals.

The museum also presents a model of a Neolithic house featuring the first sedentary men who worked the cereals and raised sheep and goats.

171 montee du chateau
06690 Tourrette-Levens

Tourrette-Levens is at less than 15 kilometers in the North of Nice.
From Nice, take the M19 road towards the North.
Cross Saint-Andre-de-la-Roche Then Les Moulins before to reach the pretty little town in the mountains.
The museum is located in the old city in a pedestrian street.

The museum is located nearby the museum of the traditional crafts. It is also at a few hundred meters away from the Natural History Museum and its tower of butterflies.

N 43°47'15'' E 07°16'36''

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The museum is open everyday from Tuesday to Sunday, from 2pm to 6pm.

Disclaimer : The management team of the destination has the possibility to change the opening days and hours without prior communication.

Exhibitions are planned for the visually impaired. Several objects can be touched and explanatory texts are written in Braille.
You will be passionate by the explanations given by Patricia Valensi, PhD in prehistory, Curator of the museum, impressive well science.
Historically, the museum was founded at the initiative of Louis Tordo, Chairman of the SEPP (Paleontological and Palethnographique Research Corporation).
The museum is very active in its temporary and permanent exhibitions and its various cultural events (prehistoric days, European championship for shooting with prehistoric weapons, from the spear to the thruster, conferences).
Animations, that are approved by the Rector, are also planned for school groups to learn by example how to conduct archaeological excavations (elementary school levels and highschools).

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