Reserve of the Haute-Touche


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Over 130 species are present in the park, and some are endangered.
It is also very rare to see some species of birds in this type of park, such as vultures or pelicans.

Among the animals that you can see, there are:
- Wolves,
- Lynx
- Raccoons,
- Cheetahs,
- Antelopes ,
- Monkeys ...
or among the endangered species, you will be pleased to see dholes, that are small canines.

At last, many activities are planned such as the feeding of lemurs or of the birds at 16.00 and animations such as:
- Animals Endangered
- African animals
- Carnivores.

36290 Obterre

The Reserve de la Haute-Touche is located at the intersection of the D925 and of the D975, near the town of Le Blanc, between Chatellerault and Chateauroux.

N 46°51'00'' E 01°04'00''

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The ideal is clearly to spend a full day in the reserve.
It is open:
- Everyday from May to September and during the All Saints holidays,
- On Wednesdays , weekends & bank holidays in October & November.

Disclaimer : The management team of the destination has the possibility to change the opening days and hours without prior communication.

The reserve has organized tours to be done by foot, by bike or car.
It is possible to bring your own bike or to rent one on site.

Terraces are present in restaurants and allow you to have an overview on the african pond.

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