The Gevaudan Wolves


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This park is exclusively dedicated to the wolves.
You can see wolves from different regions, especially from:
- Poland,
- Siberia,
- Mongolia,
- Canada.

Depending on the season when you run your visit of the park, you will find that wolves have a behavior adapted to changes of the climate.
For example, in spring take place births, and in summer, you will see the little wolves.

48100 Saint-leger-de-Peyre

Saint-Leger-de-Peyre is located not far from Sainte-Lucie

To get there, take the A75, exit 37 Le Buisson', direction to Marjevols.

N 44°35'43'', E 03°18'07''

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Two hours are easily spent in the park.

It is open according to the schedule accessible by clicking here.

Disclaimer : The management team of the destination has the possibility to change the opening days and hours without prior communication.

Currently about 120 wild wolves live in France.
The will of this park is to educate people and to spread the knowledge of this animal.

Guided tours are a highlight point of this park.

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