The Mont-Faron zoo

      Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur

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The Mont-Faron zoo is specialized for over 40 years in breeding cats.

So you will be able to see:
- Panthers,
- Tigers,
- Cougars,
- Lions,
- Hyenas,
- Lynx,
- Wolves,
- Jaguars,
- Caracals,
- Guanacos,
- Servals,
- Cats of Siberia
- Hamadryas ...

Route du Faron
83200 Toulon

Located at 585 meters above the sea level, the summit of Mont Faron in Toulon, the park is accessible by car or by cable car (the departure station is located Boulevard Amiral Vence in Toulon).

From Marseille (west) at the end of the A50 motorway, take the left lane direction to "Faron - Toulon North", then follow the signs "Faron / Le téléphérique / Le Zoo / Le Mémorial".

From Nice (east), take exit 3 of the A50 "Le Tombadou / Hôpital Font-Pré" and then follow the signs for "Le Faron / Le Mémorial"

N 43°07'00'' E 05°55'59''

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The zoo is open on schedule available here.

In summary, we must remember that it is open all year except exceptionally when weather is bad.

Disclaimer : The management team of the destination has the possibility to change the opening days and hours without prior communication.

A 150m² wide panoramic terrace allows you to enjoy unparalleled views.

In addition, tables and benches are set-up for picnics.
A snack bar and a shop complete this lovely place.

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