The Valley of the Monkeys

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Valley of the Monkeys offers you to view over 400 animals representing more than 30 species.
Primates are installed in liberty in the islands spread over 18 hectares.

Some species are: ' br> - Gorillas gibbons, also known as spider monkeys),
- The silvery marmoset,
- The titis,
- The tamarins,
- The famous chimpanzees,
- And the most important group of Bonobos in the world!

The park offers complementary entertainment to delight the whole family, such as:
- A playground is set-up for children
- The farm animals, always so exciting for toddlers.

Le Gureau, 86700 Romagne

From Poitiers, direction the South, take the N10 until Couhe, then go to Romagna (about 30km at the south of Poitiers).
It is also located at an 10km from the Parc de la Belle.

N 46°16'00'' E 00°18'00''

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A day is the ideal duration for visiting the park.
Picnic areas and various catering premises are ideally positioned to offer you panoramic views of the waterfalls, the island of gorilla or the chimpanzee's one.

The park is open following the schedule available by clicking here.

Disclaimer : The management team of the destination has the possibility to change the opening days and hours without prior communication.

The park of the Valley of the Monkeys has created the Conservatory for the Protection of Primates and participates in this way to the conservation of monkeys and their habitats by joining European Programs for Endangered Species (EEP).
Indeed, this latter aspect is vital for these tree species, and deforestation is a major cause of the disappearance of the monkeys today: 4 1/5th of these species are highly endangered.

Pets are not allowed in the park.

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