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The park shows you many species of birds, monkeys and small mammals such as:
- Zebras,
- Wallabies,
- Meerkats,
- Marmosets,
- Gibbons,
- Red ruffed,
- Ruffed lemur,
- Maki cattas,
- Capuchins,
- Deers ...

and also:
- Macaws,
- Ibis,
- Red ibis,
- Pink flamingo,
- Emus ...

About plants, the park will enchant you: hundreds of species of plants thrive in the park and you will see:
- An extraordinary collection of cacti and succulents,
- A tropical greenhouse,
- A garden of Mediterranean species.

The sundew, carnivorous plants,
the stone plant in South Africa,
the Epiphytes, these rootless plants that live and feed off that the ambient humidity (Orchids, Philodendrons) or the Cephalocereus (cactus covered with hairs) which bears fruit at the advanced age of 200 years!
will surprise you.

More typically, the bougainvillea, the passion flower, banana, papaya or pineapple will delight you.

83110 Sanary-Sur-Mer

131 Avenue Pont d'Aran
83110 Sanary-Sur-Mer

Sanary-sur-Mer is at 12km from Toulon, towards Marseille.
From Toulon or Marseille, take the exit 13 of the motorway A50, than follow te signs to reach Sanary and the zoo.

N 43°07'15'', E 05°48'16''

Click here to see the route (on a new tab)

The park is open on schedule available on the homepage of the website of the zoo, accessible by clicking here.

Ticket office closes 1 hour before the park.

Disclaimer : The management team of the destination has the possibility to change the opening days and hours without prior communication.

Car park is free.
Numerous picnic areas are set-up as well as a drink-shop.

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