Zoo of Boissiere-du-Dore

      Pays de la Loire

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In this very active zoo created in 1984, you will come across many species living in semi-liberty (not exhaustive list):
- Birds: blue and yellow macaws, flamingos, ostriches or red ibis. ..
- Primates: orang-utans, gorillas, marmosets with white toupees, lemurs, baboons, ...
- Carnivores: wolves, bears, pandas, and meerkats, cheetahs, asian lions, black panthers and clouded leopards, servals and tigers...
- Herbivores: giraffes, wildebeest and oryx, zebras and tapirs, prairie dogs, ...
- Reptiles: giant tortoises and turtles of Florida, iguanas and pythons
- Pets, European or exotic: camel, alpaca, Poitou donkey, ...

The zoo has more than 600 animals on 19 hectares.

Starting in 2010, the new exhibit is to present the animal diversity of the Amazon forest with 20 species living in an area of 2000m².

44430 La Boissiere-du-Dore

N 47°13'59'', O 01°13'08''

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Two hours to one day allow you to taste a very pleasant moment.
Details of opening hours is given here.

Disclaimer : The management team of the destination has the possibility to change the opening days and hours without prior communication.

The zoo has a very active approach in the preservation of endangered species and is also involved in various associations such as the SOCP for the island of Sumatra, the CWAF for Cameroon's forests, or CEPA (Conservation of Species and Animal Populations).

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