Zoological Park of Fréjus

      Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur

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The zoo shows many animal species in a 20 hectares wide area.
It can be visited on foot and by car.
Among the animals presented, you can see (non exhaustive list):
- Lions,
- Bengal tigers,
- Wild mongoose,
- Gray wolves,
- Striped hyena,
- Saïmiris, white-handed gibbons, macaco lemurs and siamangs,
- Hippos,
- Elephants,
- Dromedaries
- Somalian Sheep
- Tapirs,
- Bennett wallabies and red kangaroos,
- Toucans, flamingos, ostriches, vultures, loris,
- Basil, also called "Jesus Christ Lizard",
- Molurus pythons,
- Iguanas.

Le Capitou
83600 Frejus

Frejus is located at the east of Saint-Tropez, near Saint-Raphael, at the west of Nice, Antibes and Cannes.
The most direct route is via the motorway A8, exit 38 (East or West Fréjus depending from where you come).

N 43°26'02'' E 06°44'09''

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The zoo is open:
- From June to August: from 10:00 to 19:00,
- From March to May and in September and October: from 10:00 to 18:00
- From November to February from 10:30 to 17:30.

The office closes one hour before the park closes.

Disclaimer : The management team of the destination has the possibility to change the opening days and hours without prior communication.

The park is organized so that it can be visited on foot and by car.

The park records every year many births among endangered species (oryx, lemurs, cats, ...)

Picnic tables are set-up in the park.
A snack bar and a gift shop are also present at the entrance.
Finally, a snack is present in the middle of the park, in the woods.

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